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Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday tree

Sorry I haven't had much time lately to post to my blog.  My newly opened store has kept me pretty busy but, I wanted to take a minute to post some of the holiday trees I created this year.  They are very simple to make and are very cute.  They would make really cute inexpensive gifts.  This was a tree I had purchased some time ago.  I painted an empty can(this one was a can of peaches) in a rusty primer, then printed one of my own designs onto brown paper and mod podged it to the can. You can google free vintage Christmas images to find alot of really cute designs.  You could use a brown paper grocery bag if you do not have the brown paper. I then cut a piece of burlap large enough to tuck some of it into the can, then cut a slit in the center and stuck the tree through the hole.  I then cut a piece of floral foam big enough to fit snug in the bottom of the can.   I then filled the can about 1/2 way with plaster a paris and pushed the tree into the floral foam.  I allowed that to harden overnight.  I then stuffed some of the burlap inside the can and hot glued it in random spots. I picked up a string of 20 lights at the Dollar Tree and strung them on the tree.  I made the cinnamon ornaments by hand. You can find the recipe on my blog.

This one was done in the same manner as above but I used a new paint can that I had purchased from the hardware store.  The snowman were made from the same recipe that Jack was made from (the standing jack-o-lantern posted on my blog. I rolled the mixture into balls and flattened them in the palm of my hand, than layed them on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and let dry for about 3 days. I then sanded them, and painted them.  Their noses are made from 1/2 of a tooth pick.  The hats are made from felt.  I cut a rectangle shape big enough to fit their heads  and hot glued it together.  I then traced a large canning ring lid and folded it in half and cut a slit so that it would fit over their heads.  I then hot glued it to the top.  I drilled a small hole for their nose and hot glued them in place.  I hot glued a bow made of raffia to their necks. I added some homespun country material along with pine cones in random spots to the tree. I added a set of 20 lights purchased from the Dollar Tree.  I added some homemade snow to the snowman hats.  This recipe can also be found on my blog. I would love to see pics of your trees.
Happy crafting!

simple to make

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