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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowman mitten, hat, or note hanger

I made this cute snowman hanger to dry your mittens and hats. You could also use it to hold important notes, or make a single one to hold special holiday pictures, or recipes.  It was pretty simple to make.  You need 3 large wooden clips.  They can be purchased  at some craft stores.  I do believe cabin crafters  and  Viking Wood Crafts still  carries them also.  The ones I used were about 6" in length.  They come in a variety of sizes.  You will also need an old barn board or whatever you choose for the back board, or you could attach them directly to the wall. 

Basic instructions
 Other supplies needed:
3 small pieces of homespun material, or a material of your choice for the scarves
Medium grit sand paper-to rough him up a bit
An all purpose sealer
7 small screws-3 to attach the snowmen to the board, and 4 to attach to the walls
Drill with appropriate bit(Phillips or straight) depending on what kind of screws you are using
Hot glue and glue sticks
Small drill bit-to drill pilot holes

PAINTS-black, white, dk. blue, red, burnt orange, and yellow
BRUSHES-small liner, #6 or 8 filbert, and a 3/4"-1" flat

I cleaned my backboard with soap and water, and allowed to dry.  Once dry I brushed a wash of white onto the backboard and set aside to dry.  To make a wash simply thin down the paint with water, and  LIGHTLY  apply.  I brushed 2 coats of black onto all the snowmen and allowed to dry.  Once dry brush 2 coats of white over top of the black and allow to dry, leaving the top part black for his hat.  Mix a very small amount of red with the white for his cheeks and lightly brush onto his face with the #6 or 8 filbert.  Add the eyes by mixing a very small amount of dark blue to some white.  Add the pupil in dark blue and the twinkle in white.  Add the nose in burnt orange and highlight the left side in yellow  Add the outline around his eyes, and his mouth in some thinned down black, using the small liner brush. Now rough him up a bit by sanding the edges with medium grit sand paper.  Wipe clean with a paper a damp paper towel.  Apply a sealer of your choice to the barn board, and all the snowmen.  Once dry hot glue the bows to the snowmen.  Now lay out your snowmen on the board  for proper placement and apply a bit of hot glue to hold them in place.  Flip your board over and drill a pilot hole so that you can easily add a screw to each one.  This will  hold each snowman in place.  It is important to drill a pilot hole as the wood may split if you don't.  The hot glue is not enough to permanently hold the snowmen in place. 
I have all kinds of characters I want to make with this project. I'm  going to be adding a page here for pics of your  projects.  If you try this project I would love to see pics to be posted onto my blog.  You can email me pics at phyllisspawdesigns@gmail
Happy painting!

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