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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Denim pockets

Gotta love those denim pockets.  You can do so many things with them.  Below is a free tutorial on how to paint a couple of Halloween designs onto them.  A quick, easy, cute project.

Denim pockets of your choice
Scissors-to cut out denim pockets.
Acrylic paints- Black, Burnt Orange, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, and White
Candy corn stencil-I cut my own from a piece of mylar using a craft knife, or you can just sketch them on with a pencil and paint them in. I purchased the mylar at Wal-Mart.
Witch boot stencil-purchased from Laurie Speltz(The Creative Coach).
3 Medium stencil brushes
#4 filbert, and a #10/0 liner brush.
Small checkerboard stencil-purchased mine at Michael's Craft Stores.
Candy of your choice
2 pieces of raffia
Fall bittersweet picks with rusty stars.
Wire cutters
2 pieces of black annulled wire-to make the hanger. Cut one to 24" and one to 18". I purchased mine at Ace Hardware.
2 small pieces of wax paper-to place in-between the pocket so that the paint does not soak thru the other side, and one for your paint palette.
Paper towel-to remove the excess paint of the stencil brush.
Small craft knife
Masking tape or black electrical tape-to tape your stencil in place.
Small wooden dowel-to make curly wire(optional).

To learn more about stenciling see TIPS AND TECHNIQUES, on this blog and scroll down to stencilling.
Begin by cutting out your denim pockets. Once they have been cut out, place a small piece of wax paper in-between the pocket so that the paint does not soak thru to the other side, and set aside until needed.  Prepare your stencil by sketching a candy corn onto the mylar and cut out with a small craft knife. Be sure to cut it onto a surface that you will not cut thru. I use an old piece of hardboard to place the mylar on.  If your not feeling creative enough to sketch your own stencil, search the web for free candy corn templates.  There are several available.


Candy corn pocket
Begin by taping your stencil down onto the denim pocket, and stencil in the candy corns in a coat of white, then stencil in the  appropriate colors using your stencil brushes.  This will take 2-3 applications to get a good cover.  When dry tap in a bit of Burnt Sienna, just under the Cadmium Yellow.  Apply 2-3 coats of Black around the edge of the pocket using the #4 filbert, and allow to dry.  Once dry stencil in the checkerboard in Burnt Orange. Now cut your piece of wire to 24"  Starting on the back side of the pocket, gently push and twist until the wire pokes thru to the front side.  Leave about 2" sticking out.  Now take one of your paint brushes or a small wooden dowel and begin wrapping the wire around it, again leave about 2" to push thru to the other side.  Now pull the wooden dowel out and stretch out the wire a bit to form a nice hanger. Now twist the 2" piece in the same manner and push flat against the pocket. Allow to dry and cut your Fall pics to your desired size and stick them down into the pocket.  Add the raffia bow to the side and you have a cute Fall decoration.

Witch boot stencil
Follow the same instructions as above for stenciling in the witch boots.  I then lightly sketched in the socks with a pencil and painted them in with the #4 filbert, using the Burnt Orange.  This will take about 2 coats to cover.  Once dry add the black stripes with the #10 liner. Allow to dry and follow the instructions above to add hanger and raffia.  Fill with candy of your choice for a cute treat pocket.
You could also stencil in words such as trick or treat, Halloween, treats, or whatever else you see fit.

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